Dental health system

With liquid enamel! Recommended by dentists.

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ApaCare toothpaste

For shiny white teeth

With liquid enamel and fluoride!

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ApaCare Sonic toothbrush

For gentle and very thorough tooth cleaning

With 3D brush technology

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ApaCare Repair

Intensive repair for your tooth enamel

For the repair of attacked tooth enamel.

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BIOLactis Oral Probiotic

For a healthy oral flora...

For prophylaxis and support in periodontitis, caries and bad breath.

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ApaCare Liquid

Antibacterial mouthwash

Recommended by dentists. With liquid tooth enamel!

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ApaCare® Remineralising Toothpaste
Remineralising Toothpaste with microparticles of medical hydroxyapatite.
from €4.05*
ApaCare® Polish
Tooth polishing paste with liquid enamel. Consistently continues professional dental cleaning in the dental office at home.
from €5.47*
ApaCare® Sonic toothbrush
High-quality, shapely and comfortable to hold electric toothbrush.


ApaCare® Sonic 3D sensitive brush heads
ApaCare Sonic 3D sensitive brush heads for ApaCare Sonic sonic toothbrush.


ApaCare® Liquid
Liquid enamel persistently reduces caries and periodontal bacteria.
from €6.19*
BIOLactis® Oral probioticum
For support in caries and periodontosis prophylaxis and against bad breath.


ApaCare® ApaGum
Anti-caries chewing gum with 100% xylitol and enamel minerals.


ApaCare® Prophylaxis set
Our product set for prophylaxis.


ApaCare® Repair
Liquid enamel remineralises and repairs incipient caries.
from €8.93*

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