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Product information "Repair"

Liquid enamel remineralizes and repairs incipient caries.

ApaCare Repair is a highly efficient tooth repair paste for all ages for use after brushing.

ApaCare Repair intensive repair is very highly enriched with medical hydroxyapatite (liquid tooth enamel), which coats your teeth with a protective layer, whitens them to a high gloss and protects against bacteria or plaque. Sensitivities can be soothed, incipient caries, pores and roughness repaired, and demineralization prevented. ApaCare Repair can also reverse enamel discoloration. ApaCare Repair is applied 1 - 2 times daily, preferably in the evening after brushing the teeth, with the finger or toothbrush (do not rinse afterwards). The use of ApaCare Repair with a dental splint, which your dentist will be happy to make for you (wear 2 x daily for 10 minutes), is particularly lasting. ApaCare Repair is suitable for the whole family.

ApaCare Repair: Initial caries can be remineralized with liquid enamel

In a controlled and randomized study* on 92 patients with initial caries published on, high remineralization was demonstrated by the use of ApaCare Repair.

The study subjects used a fluoridated toothpaste followed by ApaCare Repair once daily for 6 months. A follow-up examination was made after one and after 2 years.

Result: Initial caries was regressed in 38% of the teeth, in combination with ozone even in 69%. After 2 years without ApaCare Repair application, the number of caries-free teeth decreased to 18%. The authors recommend that in the case of initial caries or patients at risk of caries, the application should not only be carried out for 6 months, but permanently.

*Grocholewicz, K., Matkowska-Cichocka, G., Makowiecki, P. et al. Effect of nano-hydroxyapatite and ozone on approximal initial caries: a randomized clinical trial. Sci Rep 10, 11192 (2020).


Aqua, hydroxyapatite, xylitol, propylene glycol, silica, aroma, Chondrus Crispus Extract, gellan gum, sodium saccharin, limonene.


For daily dental care (2 - 3 times a day) ApaCare toothpaste with liquid enamel and fluoride.

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