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The ApaCare Effect

What is liquid enamel?

Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body. It is in constant interaction with its environment, the saliva and diet for a lifetime.

Sweet, carbohydrate-rich and acidic foods compromise the enamel surface and minerals naturally present in saliva need to continually re-build the enamel.

This natural process may be supported by fluorides. In addition to fluoride, ApaCare dental care products contain liquid enamel (called medical hydroxyapatite) that can support this process of remineralisation. With each ApaCare application, the hydroxyapatite binds itself directly to the surface of the tooth. Thus, the liquid enamel hardens the tooth surface, soothes, glosses and covers with a protective layer, it as well as rejects pathogenic bacterial plaque and discoloration.

1. ApaCare repairs unsound enamel and smoothes and brightens teeth.

ApaCare encourages remineralisation of teeth and activates the natural repair of carious defects in the initial phase (initial caries, white spots). Hydroxyapatite is a natural whitener.


2. ApaCare reduces sensitivity.

ApaCare seals cervical exposed dentine and effectively reduces sensitivity. In particular, ApaCare Repair Intensive can effectively reduce sensitivity for teeth that respond to stimuli such as cold or sweet with pain.


3. ApaCare protects against plaque and bacteria.

ApaCare forms a thin protective layer of liquid enamel on the tooth. This means bacterial plaque and stains cannot adhere to the surface. ApaCare whitens teeth, covers with a protective layer and smooth it and can protect against plaque and bacteria.

Hydroxyapatite is a natural whitener. The liquid enamel (medical hydroxyapatite) in ApaCare is applied by either brushing or rinsing a wafer-thin protective layer onto the tooth surface. The tooth surface may be visibly whiter and bacteria, plaque and stains just roll off.

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