Oral probioticum


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Product information "Oral probioticum"

For support in caries and periodontosis prophylaxis and against bad breath

BIOLactis® is a natural dental care cosmetic for the daily tooth and mouth care. The well-tasting powder protects by its high-quality probiotic ingredients from caries and periodontitis, restores the balance of healthy oral flora and strengthens the natural defense mechanisms in the mouth. BIOLactis® protects against bad breath and supports the reduction of plaque and gum inflammation.

BIOLactis® is suitable for all ages (from the age of 3) and is distributed once a day after a meal for 60, 5 sec. In the oral cavity: Either directly in the mouth or stir in little water. Each item contains at least 1 billion probiotic micro-organisms from three different strains, which can favorably influence the bacterial colonisation of the teeth, gums, tongue and oral mucosa. The effect is clinically tested, in studies a higher Plaquereduktion compared to the antiseptic chlorhexidine stated1, 2 and a significant reduction of the caries pathogen Streptococcus mutans3, 4.


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