The OraLactin active principle

Probiotics as well as pre- and postbiotics stabilise and regenerate the oral flora.

New scientific findings make us rethink: Many previous antibacterial oral hygiene measures inhibit pathogenic and the "good" bacteria necessary for a healthy mouth and body.
A shift towards a healthy oral flora and the "good" bacteria cannot be achieved with these measures.
 In addition, important signalling substances are lost, which can only be formed in the healthy oral flora and play a major role, for example, in the regulation of blood pressure, etc.


OraLactin stabilizes and regenerates the oral flora.

Prebiotics strengthen healthy bacteria as selective nutrients.

Postbiotics (inactivated bacteria or bioactive communicants) regulate pathogens and promote the growth of healthy bacteria.

Probiotics contain live bacteria that regenerate and stabilize the balance of healthy dental, oral and pharyngeal flora.


"Good" bacteria are part of our health.

With new prebiotics, we support them.
New, now daily.

Humans and their bacterial flora have evolved together. A healthy oral flora not only protects us from tooth decay or gingivitis, but also with from general diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, heart attacks, carcinomas and much more. Prebiotics are special nutrients that selectively promote the growth of "healthy" bacteria. There is no one who would not benefit from them.


Skillfully directing oral flora:
The new postbiotics.

Support the "good guys" and inhibiting pathogens on a daily basis.

New postbiotic preparations use this to specifically and selectively inhibit pathogenic bacteria. The "good guys" are spared and gradually overgrow the "pathogens", a healthy oral flora develops and is stabilized. Daily, quite automatically during "normal" tooth brushing or rinsing with a postbiotic toothpaste or mouth rinse.
There are no undesirable side effects or side effects.

OraLactin toothpaste

OraLactin mouth rinse


Health to lozenge.

Probiotics are preparations containing viable microorganisms that provide health benefits to humans. (Definition: WHO 2001)

Probiotic preparations (drugs, foods, dietary supplements or cosmetics) have been known and appreciated for a long time, e.g. as probiotic yogurt for building up the intestinal flora.
New, however, are oral probiotics (such as OraLactin), which contain health-promoting strains of bacteria, such as lactobacilli and bifidobacteria. These can inhibit caries and periodontitis-causing bacteria and are very effective against bad breath as well. Healthy oral flora also protects against high blood pressure, diabetes, vascular calcification, stomach cancer and much more.

OraLactin Sachets

OraLactin chewing pastilles

1x daily one probiotic lozenge, preferably after a meal.

OraLactin stabilizes and regenerates the oral microbiom

Daily health brushing:
With the new OraLactin toothpaste with liquid enamel, fluoride and pre- and postbiotics. Prebiotics strengthen the healthy oral flora bacteria as "selective nutrients for the good guys".
Postbiotics (inactivated bacteria or bioactive communication substances) regulate pathogens and promote the gradual overgrowth of "healthy bacteria".

As a daily addition to normal tooth brushing: Rinse with the pre- and postbiotic OraLactin mouthwash.

Or as a treatment:
New probiotics such as OraLactin contain health-promoting, live bacteria that selectively inhibit or kill pathogens in growth by means of inhibitors or enzymes. At the same time, they improve the body's barrier function and stimulate the immune defense. Often, a healthy oral flora is restored after 2-4 weeks of regular use of the probiotic. An OraLactin cure can be repeated several times a year.

OraLactin "What are pre- and postbiotics?"

OraLactin "What are probiotics for mouth and teeth?"

FAQ's about OraLactin

OraLactin pre- and postbiotic toothpaste is a great-tasting toothpaste for everyone over the age of 6 with fluoride (1450ppm) and liquid enamel that attaches to the tooth surface during brushing, remineralising, smoothing and gently whitening it. In addition to this protective layer, sensitivities are also reduced. The very special thing, however, are the additional pre- and postbiotic ingredients. Prebiotics are natural dietary fibres or the amino acid arginine, which selectively promotes the growth of health-promoting bacteria in the oral cavity. Together with potassium nitrate, which is also contained, bacteria on the tongue are also supported, which form important messenger substances for lowering blood pressure and preventing diabetes or vascular diseases. The postbiotic ingredients are signalling substances that can be used to selectively inhibit inflammation and pathogens. And this is done entirely without the side effects known from antibiotics or antiseptics.

OraLactin pre- and postbiotic mouthwash is a mild and tasty mouthwash with fluoride (250ppm) and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid regulates the moisture content of the oral mucosa and accelerates wound healing in oral mucosal lesions or after dental treatments. The prebiotic additives and postbiotic signalling substances are particularly important. The prebiotic ingredients are natural dietary fibres or amino acids (e.g. arginine) that selectively promote the growth of health-promoting bacteria in the oral cavity. In this way, a healthy oral flora is regulated and, if necessary, also regenerated. Very importantly, these prebiotics are also important oral and tongue bacteria that form natural signalling substances and help regulate blood pressure, promote the prevention of diabetes and vascular diseases, and promote memory formation. Postbiotics are specific signalling substances that selectively inhibit the growth of pathogens in the mouth.

The mouthwash is suitable for adults and children from 6 years of age. It should be used thoroughly and undiluted twice a day, for about 30 seconds. Do not rinse after spitting out.

No OraLactin toothpaste contains everything a toothpaste needs from the age of 6. Fluoride (1450ppm) and liquid enamel for healthy teeth, plus pre- and postbiotics for healthy oral flora and to support health.

For all children from the age of 06, adolescents and adults. OraLactin toothpaste regulates and stabilises a healthy oral flora as the best protection against oral and dental diseases. Oral health is additionally supported. For high-risk patients, patients who are prone to tooth, gum or mouth diseases, senior citizens or after dental treatment, OraLactin toothpaste can make an important contribution to restoring a balanced healthy oral flora. And of course, for patients over the age of 45, it supports the important, natural blood pressure-regulating bacteria at the base of the tongue.

Cover toothbrush with OraLactin toothpaste and brush teeth 2-3 times a day for at least 3 minutes. For adults and children from the age of 6. Do not rinse after brushing.

Prebiotics are natural dietary fibres and amino acids, e.g. arginine, which are indigestible for the body but selectively serve as growth-promoting nutrients for health-promoting bacteria. Used regularly (daily), the oral flora regulates itself by redressing any imbalance between pathogens and health-promoting germs. A healthy oral flora is like a colourful meadow of diverse bacteria that mutually benefit from each other and prevent the dominance of individual pathogens. A balanced healthy oral flora is therefore perhaps the best protection against tooth, gum and mouth diseases.

In the course of evolution, our body and the bacteria that colonise it have developed in close coordination with each other. Our body has outsourced some metabolic functions to the bacteria that colonise it. We have known about the importance of the intestinal flora for a while. This is new for the oral flora. Naturally occurring health-promoting oral and tongue bacteria thus form the important messenger substance nitric oxide from plants containing potassium nitrate, e.g. beetroot, lettuce, spinach, etc., which is swallowed dissolved in saliva and contributes to lowering blood pressure. This messenger substance is also important for the prevention of diabetes and vascular deposits, as well as for erection and memory formation. In the second half of life, these bacteria become even less abundant. It is therefore all the more important to strengthen them regularly through diet and the new prebiotic Oralactin toothpaste and mouthwash containing potassium nitrate.

Postbiotics are components of inactivated, e.g. freeze-dried bacteria, mostly sections of their cell wall, or originally bacterial metabolic products that have been isolated. These act as signalling substances and can selectively inhibit the growth of pathogens in the oral flora. Regularly applied, the diversity of species and the number of pathogens is reduced in favour of the health-related bacteria in the oral flora. This is regulated, balanced and stabilised by postbiotics.

Probiotics are preparations containing living health-promoting bacteria, mostly lactic acid bacteria or bifidobacteria. These are usually used in the form of a "cure" over several weeks and are settled in the oral and intestinal flora. During this time, the probiotic bacteria form signalling substances, release them into their environment and thus influence the composition and metabolism of the other bacteria in the oral and intestinal flora. Pathogens are inhibited and the healthy oral flora is stabilised. Probiotic preparations are available for the mouth and throat in the form of dry powders (e.g. OraLactin sachets) or OraLactin lozenges. Prebiotics, on the other hand, are natural nutrients that support the growth of health-promoting bacteria. For example, fibre extracts from arcacia trees or the amino acid arginine. Postbiotics are killed bacterial fragments or originally bacterial metabolic products that act as signalling substances analogous to probiotics and promote healthy oral flora. Pre- and postbiotics can also be used in liquid preparations such as toothpastes and mouthwashes for common daily use.

Bad breath occurs when bacteria that form unpleasant-smelling sulphur compounds have multiplied in the oral flora. OraLactin supports the regeneration of the natural oral flora and can thus also reduce bad breath.

A healthy oral flora "defends" your habitat against pathogens. Thus, their stabilization by the pre- and postbiotic ingredients in OraLactin is one of the best long-term protection strategies.

From the mid-40s onwards, the health-promoting natural bacteria in the oral flora decrease. This is when it is particularly important to build them up, ideally using natural prebiotics and postbiotics in OraLactin toothpaste and mouthwash.

Probiotics are preparations containing living health-promoting bacteria, mostly lactic acid bacteria or bifidobacteria. These are used in the form of a "cure" to regenerate the healthy oral flora over 2-4 weeks.

Scientific studies prove the effect of OraLactin