ApaCare Tooth Varnish Brush Bottle


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Product information "ApaCare Tooth Varnish Brush Bottle"

For use in sensitive tooth necks and for remineralization of initial caries as well as hypomineralization (MIH).

Natural, mineralizing dental bonding varnish with 20% medical hydroxyapatite (liquid tooth enamel), shellac-based, self-curing. After curing, a durable, protective, biocompatible varnish layer forms, this swells in the oral cavity by absorbing water from saliva and continuously releases the hydroxyapatite minerals stored in it to the tooth surface. Particularly suitable also for use with fixed orthodontic braces (brackets). To prevent caries and decalcification (white spots): Apply daily around the brackets after brushing and leave on for at least one hour or overnight.

The effect is scientifically confirmed, study: 
J Pharm Sc. 2023 Jul 15 Samineni et.al. Evaluation of the Remineralization of the Demineralized Enamel Surrounding Orthodontic Brackets..).
Apply with brush to exposed tooth necks or tooth surfaces to be remineralized. Adheres for several hours. It is best to leave on overnight. Residues and detaching varnish can be swallowed without hesitation. Can be removed during normal tooth brushing. 
From the age of 6.
Each brush bottle should only be used by one person for hygienic reasons. 
Alcohol, Shellac, Hydroxy Apatite, Aqua, Aroma (Limonene, Menthol).

Vial of 5 ml.

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